Office Network Security Tips


Office network security tips

Office Network Security TipsAs computing network infrastructure become more complex and diffused, keeping company data has emerged more challenging. These systems and network can become vulnerable to attacks from viruses, worms, Trojans etc…that may also affect your company’s network badly and affect your valuable information. All the data from the customer data to payment information, personal files, and other important details will be rigorously hit by this kind of security threats. It could be more devastating if the data loss is due to hacking or other malicious attacks. How you handle this kind of situation, depending on the kind of office network security you have adopted. A usual business might have a different kind of data, some of it was worth and confidential than the others. Anyway, all data one way or another is important to the business. As an organization is it small or big, you should have an upfront security practice – or a set of rules and security policies in place to ensure that all is going well.

Before implementing steps to improve the network security at your office, you should have a basic idea of what and how the security will affect business

  • The possible financial impacts that will have on your business when security breach happens
  • In the case of security breach will your business get affected wholly?
  • What will be the consequences if your website goes down?
  • The importance of having a strong backup policy of the important data

Considering all your future and present needs, it is worth to practice some strong security policies for the benefit of your business. Implementing the security practices in the initial stage seem complex for you, but the advantage it brings will surprise you. Instead of thinking these security practices as a complex issue, consider this as a usual process.

Improve your office network security

To enhance the security policy you can follow some office network security tips to strengthen your computing infrastructure, and none of them take much time to achieve.

  • Encrypt your wireless access points: The first way is to protect your wireless router using WPA2 encryption. It prevents unauthorized users to have access to your network. WPA2 encryption is a network technology used on wireless networks. WPA2 is more secure than the other encryption standards. Moreover, the access to the system must be validated through a strong secured password.
  • Secure your network equipment: Ensure that all your network components such as the routers, access points, switches and other endpoints are secured from the outside users. By doing so, you are leaving no chance to make any changes in the configuration or password access.
  • Make sure all your systems are using the latest and updated versions of recognized Anti-virus software and antispyware programs. Only the updated versions can curb the most recent virus or malware or spyware attacks.
  • No outside hardware – say no to the external device for storing your valuable data. External devices may contain viruses, Ransomware or spyware that pose a threat to your network and systems. Moreover, this restriction reduces the risk of information stealing from the office.
  • Employees shall not be allowed to install illegal software on workstations or mobile devices since this kind of unlawful installation can lead to a security breach.
  • Another area that the security breach can happen is to the backup data. You can encrypt the backup data so only authorized users are able to edit and view this kind of files. Therefore it is important to create encrypted backups of your critical data.
  • Any shared devices on the network shall be provided with the sharing permissions and must define who has and what kind of access the users have.
  • Hacking can avoid through MAC address filtering. By filtering it make the job of hackers desperate to gain the access. With filtering, you can decide the computers and other network devices you can give access to the network.
  • If you require a very secure network, you should consider using 802.1X authentication on both the wired and wireless portions of your network.

Other important tips you can consider is

  • Operating system upgrade
  • Reduce the use of Administrator accounts
  • Keep applications up to date
  • Use an alternate DNS provider
  • Use strong passwords
  • Use a Reliable IT Support Company

For improving network security, you should adapt proven protection strategies such as the implementation of firewalls, good password plan, create a security culture in the company and so on. There are several established vendors that can provide effective mechanisms using firewall, malware blocking, spam filtering, virus protection, phishing locking etc…Firewall protection keeps your network from intrusions, viruses, malware’s, Spywares, Trojans and other attacks as well.

Enhance office network security

If you are really interested in improving the security for your business, it is always good to rely on the services from a trusted security provider. It is better to go with network security solutions using state of the art firewalls such as the SonicWall firewall and Fortinet firewall. The advanced preventive mechanisms and other intrusion solutions earned these firewalls the name as next-generation firewalls in the market.

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