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How important is telecommunication to the overall development of the industry? To what extent is the business likely to benefit from the telephone systems (PBX and IP PBX systems) regarding productivity and effectiveness? Underlying these questions is the curiosity how telephone communication has changed the world. The fact is that the telephone systems remains an imperative element to the health and effectiveness of any enterprises. Telephone communication is one of the vital forms of communication within a company, and it is the medium through which the first contact is being made. With the advent of the internet, the form of communication has become easy, versatile and affordable. The technologies used for communication have changed over the years, and the internet caused the industry to replace traditional telephone system (PBX) with the IP PBX system (VOIP PBX system). Business has good reasons to employ PABX telephone system in Dubai for their business. If you have been decided to implement advanced telephone system for your business, it is worth investing with a reliable telecommunication company in Dubai.

What are the advantages in using the telephone system?

Telephony enables the users within an office environment to connect and communicate with each other. This is especially useful in the larger environment where the employees sitting in varied places can communicate each other from their respective positions.  With the PBX systems, an organization can manage both the incoming and outgoing phone calls easily. PBX can be a better option for internal communication among the employees, they just need to dial only the extension number instead of dialing full number to contact a colleague. Also, it allows the internal communication very easier within a business. IP PBX system does offer the same features as the traditional systems, but the difference lies in the way the data is being exchanged. It facilitates the data transmission over IP data networks. Compared to the traditional telephone system, IP PBX has many advanced calling features such as the call forwarding, call waiting, etc…

Choosing the right telephone system installation in Dubai?

Having a reliable and cutting edge phone system could be a very important decision for your enterprise.

When it comes to the type of telephone systems, you have the choice before you to pick the right kind of system for your business. It will be worth to get the system installed by a leading telephone system suppliers in Dubai. With the perfect choice of solutions, they help you to design and implement appropriate PABX phone system in Dubai for the organization. As a leader in providing state of the art telephone systems in Dubai, we help to get the job done with the products of world class system manufacturers. We are good at offering the kind of systems including the PBX/PABX telephone system and IP PBX telephone system in Dubai, UAE.

  • PBX or private branch exchange is a telephone system within the organization that switches calls among the users on the local lines and also allow the users to share a certain number. In the traditional private branch exchange (PBX) the switching is done manually by an operator whereas in the case of PABX the switching is made automatic-hence the name Private automatic branch exchange (PABX).
  • An IP PBX system also does offer the same functionality as that of the traditional PBX system. It is also possible to switch calls among traditional and VOIP lines. In the case of the IP PBX systems, the system make use of the Internet to make the communication possible. It can also interoperate with the traditional PBX.

Choosing the suitable option

The pros and cons of the traditional PBX systems and the IP PBX systems can be differentiated using the factors such as the cost, reliability and the quality.

  • In PBX the monthly charge depends primarily on the calls made. In the case of IP PBX system, it is the broadband fee will apply.
  • Reliability is higher with the PBX systems since it works on the telephone wire, even if the power goes it will work. IP PB system fully depends on internet connection. It cannot be sure that the business receives reliable internet connection always.

The selection of choice may vary depending on the business size and functionality. Still many business favor PABX telephone system in Dubai, but others go for the advanced IP PBX telephone system. As being a prominent phone company in Dubai, we have the expertise to provide the sort of telephone system you always have wanted. We believe that a proper telephone system provides the key benefits of communication.

However, IP PBX system has more advantages than the traditional PBX’s

  • It uses your broadband line for the communication.
  • Easier to install and configure
  • The IP PBX systems can be managed using graphical user interface
  • Significant cost savings
  • Scalable and reliable
  • Advanced calling features
  • Easy to integrate with the software applications such as the CRM and other packages
  • Simpler management
  • Easier to configure and install
  • Can add more extensions

Effectively engaging and delivering the best that makes your business powerful

For the telephone systems installation in Dubai, we use systems of the large global players including Avaya, Grandstream, Panasonic, Cisco, NEC, Asterisk, Samsung, LG-Ericsson, etc… To stay competent and vibrant among your competitors, it is important to be equipped with a latest PABX telephone system in Dubai. Being the leading telephone system distributor in UAE, we have right solutions with right products that enable your business to reach advanced levels. With years of experience in the telephony domain, we understand each aspect of the communication technologies, so we do not find any issues in dealing with any complex communication requirements. With our dedicated service, we ensure complete participation of all the communication resources effectively.

Having the solutions with us would be great benefits regarding productivity, and financially, Additionally, it will prepare your business to be more dynamic and vibrant. Our services are functioning in the region of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well. Get the system done with the leading Telephone Company in Dubai. Our IP telephony solutions are really astonishing and definitely will have a fruitful impact on the way the business communicates.

Telephone System – What to Know Before Buy

It is imperative for officers to have adequate communication to be able to conduct their daily business operations seamlessly and in a stress-free manner. It promotes productivity and enhances unit cohesion and better results or outcome. However, it is also highly important for businesses to have their telephone systems of high quality and efficiency, being simultaneously adequately set up and installed. This is an area where we can be of help. Be it beginning small scale businesses or established business conglomerates our systems are made to fit the needs of business on different scales and structure. For small scale businesses, we can work up a simple but also highly effective telephone system that is easily set up and ready to go in about half an hour. This type of system doesn’t need any special wires and includes a variety of specifications that make allowance for them to still maintain the professional outlook and be taken more seriously. They include automated answering machine, auto receptionists, voicemail to email, etc.

As expected, the systems we’ll be installing for larger companies will require specialized networking, wiring, and additional features. With our professionals on the ground,  you can rest assured that we are adequately up to the task.

The process starts with determining the telephone system that will be ideal for your business, and that will suit it perfectly. We’ll pick a mobile service provider whose track record and repertoire of services match your needs. Our research will be based on reviews, videos, etc. Once you get perfect service provider, you can look through their catalog to select a plan that fits your business consumption pattern and simultaneously works within your budget. Once all these steps are complete and take care of, we’ll set out immediately and work on getting your business telephone system up and running as soon as possible.